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Sales Assistants

Are you delighted to meet people from all over the world? Do you enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things and learning about various cultures through their crafts? Do you feel good when you can help someone find that special something? Do you value the opportunity to interact with young and old? Do you mind dusting?

Helen Horwitz

As a volunteer Sales Assistant, you will be asked to do all these things, as well as help with holiday gift wrapping. Our sole purpose is making all guests feel valued and appreciated. It is not a sales position; you are not responsible for the register. As a Sales Assistant, you will be a host or hostess. You will welcome our guests, be available to help visitors and staff, and tidy and replenish the display tables.

A typical shift includes checking in with the Shop Manager about projects or special promotions, orienting yourself  

with new products, assisting with jewelry sales on both sides of the counter, and most importantly, customer service. Our shifts are 1 to 5, Tuesday through Sunday, but on slow days you can leave at 4 with the Shop manager's permission. Our Sales Assistants work at least two shifts per month and team members trade places to accommodate absences.

What does it take to be a Sales Assistant? If you answered yes to the opening questions (except the one about dusting), you would enjoy the role, and we would enjoy having you on our team.

Joan Richards

Chair, Sales Assistants

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