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Hirschler Flowers

For many years, visitors have been greeted by a lovely floral arrangement as they enter our Museum. These flowers are provided by the Hirschler Flower Fund, a special fund set up by Elizabeth W. and Edward S. Hirschler. The idea arose from their visit to the Dallas Museum of Art where such a fund had been established to provide fresh flowers every week – in perpetuity. The Hirschler Flower Fund was established at the VMFA in the fall of 1985. As one Council member noted, “These flowers forewarn that the Museum is a very unique and special place even if visitors go no farther!”

Many floral designers are recruited to make sure fresh arrangements are provided 52 weeks of the calendar year. Since some of the volunteers do more than one arrangement, there are usually 35-40 designers each year. Designers may work alone or with a partner and have the option of arranging on either Monday or Tuesday. They are asked to do a large design for the Hirschler pedestal in the Atrium and a small arrangement for the Coat Check counter. And, of course, we can’t forget the Poinsettia Tree put up in the Atrium for four weeks to celebrate the Holidays in December!

If any Council member is interested in joining the Hirschler Flowers Committee, please contact Sherrill Smith (339-1823) or Mauna Mullins (784-5354). We’re always looking for experienced floral designers.

Sherrill Smith and Mauna Mullins

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